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Truckee Residents Digging Out After Big Storm

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TRUCKEE -- The storm has passed, and there's finally clear skies over the Sierra. But it won't last long, another storm is approaching. That has many in Truckee doing what they can in the sun to prepare.

Monday was the first time Chris Gerrald has seen the pavement in front of her downtown Truckee apartment in days.

"The storm that we just had hit us hard and hit us fast, and they're still trying to dig out the secondary roads," Gerrald told FOX40.

Truckee police said there's a reason getting those secondary roads open has taken so long.

"All of our side roads, there's so much snow on them that we're having to cut them back with blowers and run blowers through there. And blowers only run at a couple of miles an hour, so you can imagine how long it takes," Sgt. Robert Womack, with the Truckee Police Department said.

He also said some residents are just now getting power back.

"Particularly in north shore Lake Tahoe, but even locally, there are people getting power back after five days," Womack said.

The heavy snow is still damaging trees.

"I had a tree fall on my house in my backyard, with six other trees have fallen in my yard alone," said Tyler Gorsuch, who lives in Truckee.

If the next storm brings wind, more power outages are likely.

"I'm making sure that I'm stocked up on fuel, have food, candles prepared if the power does go out again," Womack said.

Meanwhile, Truckee said it learned a lot with the last storm, and it expects to be able to reopen the road more quickly after the next storm passes.

"Bear with us as we just sort of get back into big winter gear, like the old days," said Colleen Dalton, with the Truckee Chamber of Commerce.

"We have responded to some calls where people have been in their house unable to get out. Us and the fire district will respond to that and work with them," Sgt. Womack said.

He wants to remind people the winter is far from over.

"There is still a whole winter coming, and we're going to have more snow. And people need to be prepare that snow on top of this snow is going to make it all that much more difficult."