Donations, Detective Work Help Save Local Production Studio

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SACRAMENTO --  When we first introduced you to Shirley Quick, she was heartbroken.

"It's really sad, they should just leave our stuff alone," said Quick.

Two weeks later her mood had changed.

"We are back in business," Quick boasted.

Quick is a member of the Developmental Disabilities Service Organization's production studio in Sacramento called E+ Studios.

Early in January, someone broke into their production studio and stole a couple of cameras. Quick and fellow students operate to make award-winning web series, documentaries and short films.

"We can do this with two cameras, but obviously we can't do it with zero," set production studio director Dennis Curry said.

Zero because the early January theft was actually the second time somebody broke in and stole a camera -- another one was taken in 2016.

The production studio's fortune changed, however, after a FOX40 story aired after the theft of the two cameras.

"We were flooded with phone calls, people wanting to help and make donations," said Curry.

That included a $15,000 donation from K Love, the Christian radio station.

Then more good news when detectives said they had recovered the two cameras that were stolen and had made an arrest in the case.

"I really want to thank everyone for their donations, I appreciated it, and to the sheriff's department for finding our cameras, I really appreciate it," Quick said.