Good Samaritan Saves Elderly Man from Burning Car

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STOCKTON -- It only took a matter of seconds for Keith Miller to save an elderly man from a smoldering car.

Miller’s wife took photos of the aftermath of what could have been a disaster.

He and his wife were driving on Bianchi Road in Stockton on Tuesday afternoon when they noticed a car driving next to them was on fire.

"I’m like man if I don’t do something, this guy, he’ll probably burn to death,” Keith Miller said.

Miller said he blasted his horn to get the elderly driver’s attention. As the flames grew bigger and bigger, Miller knew he had to act fast as the elderly man was still inside the car.

"And he told me that his seat belt was stuck and then I would have to cut him out,” he said. "Luckily I had a pocket knife on me, and so I pulled that out and cut his seat belt off of him.”

He was able to get the man to safety. Moments later, he said the car was a melted mess.

"It just… just went up. I mean the flames were getting bigger, and there was plastic dripping out the bottom of the front end."

Miller is very proud of the fact that he went above and beyond for the stranger here on this street, even though he himself is down and out.

"We’re just having a hard time at the moment… just trying to get back on our feet, find permanent jobs,” he said.

Miller said his wife lost her job a year ago and he is trying to keep their family afloat living in motel rooms. He just hopes that his good deed will bring him some good karma.

"Feel like a life saver you know. Feels good to be a hero and do the right thing,” he said.

The elderly man’s family is also very happy Miller acted and saved their father.

The Miller family has a GoFundMe page to keep them from becoming homeless. If you want to help them, you can do so here: