Seven-Story Sinkhole in Grass Valley Comes with Steep Price Tag

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GRASS VALLEY -- As Nevada County prepares for another round of rain and wind, many areas hit hardest by the last storm haven't even recovered yet.

A massive sinkhole caused by last week's flooding has swallowed part of a car dealership's parking lot in Grass Valley. It's a seven-story deep, 250-feet wide hole.

"This is by no means a common sinkhole," said Tim Kiser, Grass Valley Public Works director.

Over the last few days, during a break in the weather, Grass Valley Public Works crews worked overtime trying to stabilize the area, but that break is over.

"The wind we want to keep the plastic weighed down so it doesn't blow away so the slope gets somewhat protected from the storms we're having," said Kiser.

As the rain once again falls in Grass Valley workers have no choice but to back off.

"It's just not safe for the employees to be out here in here [in these] kind of conditions," Kiser said.

All they can do now is wait and monitor the site until the storm passes. Grass Valley City officials have declared a state of emergency because of this sink hole. The cost to repair the hole and the damage it caused is too much for city to handle.

Just down the highway in Nevada City, the owners of Lefty's Grill are also still dealing with the aftermath of the last storm.

"Here's another blow, we take it one day at a time," said Chris Duncan, co-owner of Lefty's Grill.

Fifteen fans and three de-humidifiers are on 24/7 to dry out the bottom level of the restaurant, while sandbags stacked high around the property work to keep any more water from nearby Deer Creek from coming in.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay for repairs at Lefty's Grill.

The restaurant is also offering $125 in gift certificate to Lefty's for every $100 donated.