Strong Winds Topple Trees Across Sacramento Region

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SACRAMENTO -- One after the other, what was once up came down as another January storm leaned heavy on Sacramento.

"I think I heard it. I came out to smoke a cigarette and I was like 'whoa,'" said Peter Andrei.

Andrei and other neighbors near Lindale and Palmerhouse drives were stunned as the strong winds snapped massive branches a few feet away.

They're thankful none of the children walking home from school in the area were hurt.

Just about five miles away the Howie family had been watching the tree in their front yard lean a little more each year..

Wednesday it reached out for their house as it succumbed to the storm.

Josephine Howie says the whole thing was scary for her.

"Yeah, especially 'cause my dad's legally blind and just worrying about if something was to majorly happen, how we would get him out of the house," she said.

While the thick branches narrowly missed damaging their home, a family narrowly escaped injury at 19th and X streets when toppling timber there hit the cab of their truck.

The unfortunate special shoppers found in the strip mall at Mack Road and Valley-Hi was on falling trees.

One, two, three, all down in just a few minutes -- all just missing causing major injury.

"This is crazy, but I just thank God 'cause nothing happened to them," said Brian Diaz, who watched as everything came tumbling down.

One family was just trying to make a left turn out of this parking lot, but the wind and one of the shopping mall's trees had a much different idea.

"It just crashed right straight in front of ... on top of the hood. And uh, they were kind of stuck there for a little bit, and then luckily they were able to get out," said Alex Rodriguez.

He's just grateful he was able to take his unhurt parents home, even though they were sitting right behind a now-shattered windshield when the weather decided to do its worst.

"It's crazy," he said.

Though many of the fallen trees have been pulled off of cars or sawed up so they're no longer blocking roadways, getting all that debris removed will take the city of Sacramento quite some time.