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Sacramento Police Investigate String of Thefts at Local Planet Fitness Locations

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SACRAMENTO -- Katrina Beczkowski is another victim of theft, one of a string of customers from area Planet Fitness clubs who've been targeted this month.

"The whole driver's window was busted out," she said.

On Jan. 1, she says she parked her car in front of the Planet Fitness on Watt Avenue, within eyesight of two surveillance cameras.

But it wasn't enough to deter the criminals who broke into her car and stole her belongings.

"They had opened the trunk, closed the trunk and stole mine and my daughter's purse. And within that hour, they had already used a credit card, my ATM, my daughter's ATM, and they got off with at least $250 dollars," she said, along with her wedding ring and some priceless photos of her daughter.

And Beczkowski isn't alone.

Shaundra Hudson, a Planet Fitness patron from the Stockton Boulevard facility, brought her own lock to secure her purse inside a locker in the locker room this past weekend.

But that didn't stop a thief armed with bolt cutters from removing the lock and tearing into her purse, stealing the keys to her brand new car.

"Like I suspected, my car was missing," Hudson said.

Just the day before, the same thing happened to Edwin Hintz's daughter at the Mack Road Planet Fitness.

"Called me crying, talking about her car was stolen. I guess she had left her keys and her wallet in a locker and someone went in the locker, broke in, took her car, took off. Started using her credit card all around town," Hintz said

Sacramento police detectives are trying to determine if the cases are connected.

After seeing what happened to the victims who did everything right, by locking up their personal items, police have another suggestion.

" Don't even bring them with you. Leave those expensive items at home, where they're secure," Sacramento police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein said.

The corporate office at Planet Fitness didn't get back to FOX40 when we reached out to them.

But Beczkowski says the new GM at the club on Watt Avenue shared some insight with her.

"They should protect their people much better there, by having good cameras or having security. And that was even told to me by management there, that they've been asking and asking for better cameras, and they've been told no," Beczkowski said.

Heinlein says detectives have reached out to Planet Fitness management and said the company is working with investigators.

"Talked about some strategies to improve their safety. And they've also talked about some of the policies that they've had in place and try and rework their policies to maybe make it a safer environment for all their customers," Heinlein added.