Hundreds of Protesters Rally at State Capitol on Inauguration Day

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SACRAMENTO -- Hours after Donald Trump was sworn into office, hundreds flooded the west steps of the California State Capitol to reject the new president.

Different races, different ages screamed together.

"I particularly oppose his cabinet choices," said protester Kerry Williams.

Some oppose his politics, others his personality.

"He's just emotionally intellectually and morally bankrupt and I don't think we've ever had anyone that fits that description," said protester Paula Hendrickson.

Hendrickson, a retired Hillary Clinton supporter from Sacramento says she's "scared to death" at what Trump will do in office. She vows to be part of the resistance.

"We need to be vigilant, we need to be involved," Hendrickson said.

The energetic crowd was surrounded by officers on horseback on bicycle and on foot.

Less than an hour into the demonstrations, the California Highway Patrol quietly cuffed a young man and escorted him away from the protest and into a squad car.

Amid the demonstrations, a few people stood out, wearing red hats with Trump's famous four letter slogan.

"It concerns me that people in this country are starting to use violence as a means to express their frustration with the outcome of an election that was fair," said Trump supporter Christopher Locke.

Locke is a veteran who doesn't understand the need to fight the country's new leadership.

"I would say resign for the good of the country, don't wait to be impeached, resign," Hendrickson said.

But huge crowds of people across the country insisted to do just that on the day the 45th president took over the White House.