‘Not My President’: Anti-Trump Protesters Gather Across Sacramento on Inauguration Day

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SACRAMENTO -- From the campus of Sacramento City College, through the streets of Sacramento, to the steps of the California State Capitol, protesters turned out, vocally, to march in solidarity against a Donald Trump presidential administration.

"We've been making so much progress going forward, and we're not going to stop today," said Lola Chase, an anti-Trump protester.

For many who joined the 3 mile march to the California Capitol, this protest was about opposing Donald Trump's remarks on social issues throughout the campaign cycle.

"He thinks it's okay to be racist and sexist and out down people of color," Chase said. "He will not get away with it because we are unified today."

"I decided to join the march today because I'm fighting for the victims of Trump's policies," said Shawn Frye, another protester to march.

At one point the march stopped at McClatchy and Sacramento High Schools. Protesters urged students to join. Dozens answered that call.

"Our school supported it. Our principal, she told our teachers and deans to allow us to leave," said Sacramento High Student Arayshala Derlantiss, who says she was standing up for her undocumented friends.

"They're citizens of this country just like us," Derlantiss said. "Born here or not, they're here, they should be able to stay."

"Maybe not everybody's happy but hopefully it'll be for the best of everybody in the long run," said Kaitlyn MacGregor, communications director for the California Republican Party.

She says the strong anti-Trump sentiment in California is unfortunate. She says she hopes the party can heal the state's divisions.

Despite that message and Trump's swearing in Friday morning, chants of "not my president" from the crowd rang out throughout the afternoon.