CHP: Sierra Snow Levels Highest in 20 Years

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California Highway Patrol Officer James Giraudo says the last time he's seen this much snow was back in 1997, with all the flooding in Truckee that followed the snow melt.

"This is by far, in the last 20 years, I'd say this is number two," he said.

Snow was high, reaching 20 feet at some point -- reaching all the way to the freeway overpass.

Excessive snow forced Caltrans to close Donner Pass Road.

"It's not plowed. There's been wires down," said Caltrans superintendent Dave Wood. "We can't keep up with it...and keep the interstate open."

But despite all the snow, the California Highway Patrol says it's been a pretty good day.

"Hasn't been too many bad accidents. Lots of spin-outs," said California Highway Patrol Officer Jadon Lyman. "People need to slow down."

"I had two gentlemen that spun out behind my patrol car. When I asked them the speed limit, they thought it was 45 to 50. Not even aware because the ice is what's on the road right now," Giraudo said. "The speed limit is 30 mph. They assume it's still 65."

"It's like the Indy 500 out there. People are pushy. They're driving too fast," Wood added. "Slow down and you'll get there. We'll keep the road open."

Chain control began in Kingvale as motorists prepared to drive up to the summit. But for some families earlier in the day, the snowfall in Nyack was good enough for them.

Many snow lovers, have waited a long time for this level of snow to fall.

"Ah, yay. Like the past three years," said Roseville resident Sawyer Flood.

"It was crazy deep," said Flood's friend, Kenny Griffin. "It is way more. It surpasses it by 20 feet. So much snow. Good stuff."

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