Thousands Join Women’s March on Sacramento to Protest President Trump

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SACRAMENTO -- Around 30,000 took to the streets for the Women's March on Sacramento Saturday.

Many carried signs and chanted slogans directed at President Donald Trump on his first full day in office. There were a lot more people who came than even event organizers expected.

"We did not imagine this many people showing up," said Tracie Stafford, who emceed the Women's March. "We expected maybe a couple of hundred people to respond, and today we have 16,000 RSVP's and about 15,000 interested."

The march itself, from its start at Southside Park, took almost no time at all.

Thousands were already in place during the band's mic check, and while the stage was still being set up.

"These people were very anxious to get here," Stafford told FOX40. "It should have taken 45 minutes for all these thousands of people to get here to the state capitol, they did it in less than 20."

While most marched for women's equality, many also came to send a message to the oval office.

"You know I'm here because I'm not pro-Trump," said Bill McBenge from Carmichael. "It gives us a chance to voice our opinions to show that we're not racist, we want equal rights."

"I feel like this is a message to Donald Trump to say that you should respect our opinions and you should pay more attention to what you think, because even though we pledged our allegiance to you, we're not with you," said John Sullivan, who is just 11 years old.

That's a message echoed by Sacramento's Mayor Darrel Steinberg and city council member Angelique Ashby as well as dozens of other Sacramento liberal politicians.

"If you govern by breaking people apart and targeting Muslim Americans, women immigrants, then you're in for a big fight," Mayor Steinberg said.

"Yeah and politics is divisive, but equality is not," Ashby told FOX40. "It's just not controversial to treat people fairly."

The Sacramento Police Department said it had no major injuries or arrests to report.

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