Hail Storm Strikes Sutter County

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YUBA CITY -- An intense storm cell dumped several inches of hail on South George Washington Boulevard, south of Yuba City Monday afternoon.

The weather event was very localized, covering only a few square miles.

"It was just right here... just about two or three miles," said Elizabeth Ayala of Sutter County, who brought her kids out to play in the thick blanket of hail left lying on the ground.

They weren't alone. Dozens of sightseers and pulled over to frolic in the hail covered orchards in that area.

"I got my son and brought him to play," said Armando Ramirez of Sutter County. "I was thinking it was snow, but it was hail."

The hailstones were piled up so deep that driving was a challenge, and all that traffic flowing in to get a look created a jam.

On car wound up in a ditch along South George Washington. The driver was uninjured but was stuck in the soupy mess of marble sized hail, mud and water for hours until a tow truck driver could pull him free.

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