‘Outsiders’ Returns for Season Two

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The WGN American original drama series, "Outsiders", makes its season two return Tuesday.

The show follows the epic struggle of the Farrell Clan as they battle to defend their land from the town below their Shay Mountain home.

Kyle Gallner portrays Hasil, a clan member who has fallen into a forbidden love. Gallner sees a relatability in his character's search for balance in two completely conflicting worlds.

"Even though these people live in a different lifestyle and live up on the mountain, they're still dealing with similar things you would deal with down here," Gallner says.

Ryan Hurst's character, Lil' Foster, finds himself trapped by the townspeople in the new season. For Hurst, the show, while full of fantastical adventure, nods at very real issues.

"It's a show about the conflict between blue-collar America and corporate America, and what gets sacrificed in that conflict," Hurst says.

The show premieres at 9 p.m. on WGN America.