Tech Report: Sony’s 2017 Releases

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Sony is introducing 25 new products for 2017, from big screen televisions to Bluetooth speakers.

Mike Fasulo, Sony's president of electronics, says that Sony's focus on the new year is all about the customer experience.

The new OLED TV shows off better contrast for more realistic colors, as well as less blur and a sound system that utilizes vibrations created in the screen.

The 12 speakers in the HT 5000 Soundbar boast what Fasulo says is a "more engulfing sound." Adding on the Doly Atmos audio technology will emulate the sound systems of a movie theater.

Sony's Bluetooth speakers include LED strobe lights that can sync up to the beat of the music.

Noise canceling headphones are handy for long flights when privacy is key. However, it can be inconvenient when ordering a drink, for example, and the only way to hear the flight attendant is to take the headphones off.

With Sony's new 1000X noise cancelling headphones, the wearer simply has to place a hand over the right earphone cup and the noise from the speaker will shut off temporarily.

For more information on Sony's new entertainment technology line visit RichonTech.