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Man Arrested for Possible Hate Crime Outside LGBT Bar

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SACRAMENTO -- A 26-year-old man is behind bars, charged with felony battery and felony sexual battery after an assault in midtown Sacramento that left two women and one man injured near an LGBT nightclub.

One of the victims, a woman named Jules, spoke to FOX40 Tuesday night. She said she had just been discharged from a local hospital for a mild concussion.

"I have pain medication. That's pretty much the only thing I can do right now," Jules said.

Jules said she was out with a group of five friends late Sunday night, and had just visited both Faces and Sidetrax, LGBT nightclubs, before the assault. She said the man police later identified as Dominique Taylor approached her friends in a parking lot near Sidetrax, started a fight, and began punching she and two of her other friends in the face.

She said one of her male friends was punched so hard he was knocked unconscious, and suffered a broken nose.

"Another female friend of mine tried to intervene when I was getting hit and then she got hurt. She got a black eye. It was one after another, it was a domino effect," Jules said.

The Sacramento Police Department told FOX40 that Taylor came back to the crime scene and was arrested.

"Over the course of the investigation, it sounds like the suspect continued to assault the woman and likely grabbed her in a sexual manner inappropriately," officer Matthew McPhail said.

Taylor is currently being held in the Sacramento County jail without bail. He was charged with misdemeanor battery, felony battery causing great bodily injury, and felony sexual battery upon a person restrained by an accomplice. Late Tuesday night, Taylor's inmate log also listed a separate case with a misdemeanor charge of battery upon a person with a previous dating relationship.

However, Jules told FOX40 she feels like the assault was motivated by hate, because of what she says the man said to her group of friends just before getting violent.

"He said a homophobic slur. He said what the (expletive) is up with all this gay (expletive)," Jules said.

Jules said she didn't mention that to police on scene because she was frantic to get her male friend medical attention.

Sacramento police confirm that her male friend was unconscious when they arrived and that they called an ambulance.

Although they are not currently investigating the assault as a hate crime, McPhail said if the victim's report those allegations, they will investigate them further.

"There is sometimes a fine line, and it can be tough to determine whether or not someone is saying or doing something out of anger, or due to a true dislike or motivational bias against somebody," McPhail said.

"I said do you really feel like a man hitting a woman? And he told me he just didn't care," Jules said.

Sacramento police are looking for a second male suspect in the assault, who was accused of hitting the women as well. They do not have a clear description of that person at this time, but are reviewing surveillance video.

If you have any information about who was with Dominique Taylor on Sunday night, contact the Sacramento Police Department.