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150 Sacramento State Students March in ‘No Ban, No Wall’ Protest

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SACRAMENTO -- At Sacramento State's quad Thursday afternoon people of all religions, creeds and backgrounds came together to take a stand and voice their concerns.

"Get local students and members of the community to unite against stigmas targeted to minority groups," said graduate student Ahlam Abdul-Rahman.

This is latest group to protest President Donald Trump's proposed wall and travel restrictions against citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

"I'm disheartened that people feel the need to alienate a bunch of people that deserve to be here as much as the next person," said student and protest organizer Aya Khalifeh.

Nearly 150 students marched through the university and stopped in the library quad. It's a tense time for many.

"A lot of uncertainty; students feeling uncomfortable carrying out their identities in the situation that we're in," Abdul-Rahman said.

Student Aya Khalifeh said the ban directly affects her family.

"I have family that was detained in the airport when the ban was put intact a few days ago," Khalifeh said.

The demonstration was met without opposition.

With violent protests in Berkeley still on the minds of many, Ed Mills, vice president of student affairs, said keeping students and faculty safe is key.

"When there's a clash of ideologies that can happen there's always a concern for safety," Mills said.