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No Arrests 7 Months after White Nationalist, Anti-Fascist Clash at Capitol

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SACRAMENTO -- It’s been seven months since one of the biggest brawls on State Capitol grounds. A violent confrontation between white nationalist and anti-fascist groups in June left dozens injured, with 10 suffering from stab wounds.

Even with hundreds of witnesses and video evidence the California Highway Patrol has yet to make arrests or announce updates with the case.

It was warm summer day interrupted by violence. A rally and counter protest so vicious it even shocked veteran law enforcement.

"For this to break as badly as it did on that occasion, at that place, I think it’s very offensive," former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness said.

On June 26, organizations with ties to white supremacy, including the Golden State Skinheads and the Traditionalist Worker Party, took out a state permit for the event. They did what most groups who plan to hold a rally at the State Capitol do. They promoted it on social media for weeks ahead of time, promising it would be an event to remember.

And it was.

The rally ended before it even began. A violent battle between the white nationalist groups and anti-fascist groups broke out.

CHP Officers and Sacramento Police Officers were there by the dozens in riot gear and on horses.

Video captured the mayhem from start to finish. In the end, 10 people were stabbed and countless others were injured, but seven months later there are still no arrests.

The State Capitol is the CHP's jurisdiction, which means they are the investigating agency.

FOX40 has asked them multiple times why it has taken so long to complete this investigation, but they declined to comment. McGinness said sometimes video isn’t enough.

"If you have a very clear image of a person who committed a crime and you don’t have somebody who can say, 'Yes, this is in fact so-and-so,' then frankly you have very little," he told FOX40.

While little is known about their investigation, FOX40 has learned the CHP has been interviewing witnesses trying to piece together the events that unfolded that day.

Sacramento defense attorney Mark Reichel has been contacted to represent some of those witnesses.

"I’ll be their attorney to make sure that they have protection and their rights are protected as well," he said.

But time is running out for investigators.

The law gives them one year to file misdemeanor charges. Felony charges however, are different.

"Taking a knife to another individual is assault with a deadly weapon. That’s a serious felony and so they have three years to bring those. Those are much more serious. That may be what’s taking so much time is to determine if it was justified use of the knife," said Reichel.

Matt Parrott, a director of the Traditionalist Worker Party, doubts the investigation will ever result in any arrests.

"California can’t seem to figure out who the names are, who is at fault, and they’ll never arrest anyone," Parrott said in a phone conversation with FOX40. "They never will because their politics trump their commitment to justice."

We reached out groups that were at the Capitol that day. Parrott was the only person who was willing to comment.

Seven months have passed since the State Capitol was turned into a war zone. What happens from here is in the hands of investigators.