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Sacramento Cancer Patient’s Stolen Car Found Trashed, Missing Parts

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SACRAMENTO -- Zalma Hernandez is surviving stage three breast cancer.

"These last three years have been so difficult, everything I've gone through," she said.

Since she was diagnosed, she’s gone through 36 chemo therapy treatments, 25 rounds of radiation and 36 bone marrow transplants.

"Seven days ago, I had my 12th surgery," she added.

Just getting to and from her doctors’ appointments, sometimes as many as four a day, has been very difficult.

So on her 36th birthday, last December, her brother gave her this blue Honda CRV to ensure she makes it to those life-saving appointments.

But, three days ago, someone stole her SUV, parked right in front of her home.

"My brother gave me that vehicle. If I wasn't battling cancer, if I had a normal life, I would've just said, 'If it gets recovered, that's fine,' but I'm struggling already as it is," she said.

It was yet another blow this resilient mom would have to weather through, but she wasn't going to let this set her back or stop her from getting to those critical appointments.

Then, while speaking to FOX40 about her ordeal, a sudden change of luck with one phone call from authorities. Her car was found.

Her car was found, abandoned on a freeway.

The vehicle isn’t in the best condition and some parts are missing.

Nonetheless, they found it. Zalma is grateful, not just for this piece of good news, but for her loving family, especially her daughter.

"My daughter. My daughter, Trinity. She is my biggest motivation," she added with a smile.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Zalma to help cover the costs of her upcoming surgeries.