Community Delivers Peace to Roseville Mosque Defaced With Hate Speech

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ROSEVILLE -- The hate is covered up, but the fear lingers after hateful graffiti was sprayed across Tarbiya House in Roseville.

"Any hate crime is scary by nature," said Imam Azeez, director of Tarbiya Institute.

It's fear supporters try to calm.

"We don't need hate and division, we want to bring people together," said Pastor Tim Brooks with Hillcrest Church.

That's exactly what happened Saturday afternoon. The unity was overwhelming at Tarbiya House.

After black spray paint marked cars and the building with hateful words, Roseville stepped up to show mosque members they're not alone.

"Some of the things that make us so beautiful is that we aren't all the same," said Sarah Thompson with the Sacramento Kindness Campaign. "The differences in our community are one of the things that we should embrace."

Dozens crowded around the Islamic center in solidarity. Age, race and religion didn't matter Saturday. Officers with the Roseville Police Department even stopped by to stand with the mosque.

"Muslim, Christians, Jews, people with no faith all coming here making a statement that we're going to stand as one," said Imam Azeez.

Imam Azeez said there was concern attendance for Friday prayer would drop because of the hate crime, but the exact opposite happened. It's just one more step toward peace.

"We had tons and tons of non-Muslim friends showing up and attending the service with us, it was amazing," Azeez said.

The Roseville Police Department and CAIR are offering up to $2,000 for anyone with information on this hate crime.