Sacramento Businesses Gear Up for ‘Big Game’ Sunday

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SACRAMENTO -- We all know the food can be an event in itself during the Super Bowl.

Delivery or going out? Pizza or wings?

As a hungry collective, Americans will devour 1.3 billion chicken wings Sunday. On the pizza side, Domino's says it will serve up 11 million slices of pie.

Locally the numbers are obviously far less, but impressive none-the-less.

At Barwest in Midtown Sacramento, wings are always popular; Sunday they will be on a non-stop rotation from the kitchen to tables.

"We will serve about 1,000 times more wings on Sunday than usual," said Amber Padilla with the bar.

In South Sacramento, Sidewalk Pizza will experience double the amount of pizza orders as they would on the other 51 Sundays during the year.

"Normally, we make about 30 pizzas, but because it is the Super Bowl, we will make about 60," said Adam Cortez.

Deliveries will also be up significantly. On an average day about 30 percent of all pies are delivered, but on Sunday that number will go up to around 70 percent according to Cortez.