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Drewski’s Owner Surprised with New Dog

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SACRAMENTO -- It's been nearly two years since Andrew Blaskovich's dog, Rex, was shot and killed during a burglary at his Sacramento home.

Rex was a rare breed -- a blue Great Dane.

Since then, the owner of the popular Drewski's food truck and restaurant has been searching for a new dog.

Sunday morning, Blaskovich was surprised when he got a call from Bobby Mann of the Front Street Animal Shelter. He told Blaskovich that the shelter had a blue Great Dane that was about to be adopted by its foster family, and asked if he wanted to visit it during FOX40's "Puppy Bowl" segment before the Super Bowl.

When the dog's foster family heard Blaskovich's story, they were excited to let him adopt the dog.

"The way Rex was taken from me, I really wanted a blue (Great) Dane," Blaskovich said. "I've looked online, I was ready to fly out to Ontario, Canada, but bringing a dog across the border, they said no."

Blaskovich said he'll have to bond with the dog more before deciding on her name.

"She's so great," he said.