Storm Brings Mudslides, Sinkholes and More Damage to Hard-Hit Business

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NEVADA COUNTY -- Damage, setbacks and inconveniences caused by rushing water and strong winds in Nevada County.

The latest storm knocked out trees and power poles, deepened sinkholes and created rock and mudslides along Highway 49.

Driver's got delayed on the winding roads.

"We needed the water from all the drought, but we're getting buckets of it," said driver Donny Browning.

Buckets of water increase the need for bigger piles of sandbags.

"It's kind of a double-edge sword, we need the rain, but it's also a pain," said Al Halle.

Sandbags are more than just a pain at Lefty's Grill in Nevada City -- they're a lifeline.

"We just can't fight it, it's just hard," said co-owner Chris Duncan.

Duncan can't catch a break this year.

After getting flooded twice last month, his restaurant was under six inches of water again.

What's worse; they just finished putting in new drywall and floors.

"Tile just got grouted this morning while this place got flooded," Duncan said.

But as water pours into Lefty's Grill, so does support and donations from community members.

"People have been out here doing the sandbags, people have been bringing in meals, the other restaurants have been bringing in lunches and food to help them," said Katrina Schneider.

Helping a local business as surrounding creeks rage.

But the flooding won't wash away their determination to reopen.

You can donate to Lefty's Grill here.

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