More Flooding Fears for Rio Linda Residents

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RIO LINDA -- Flood victims in Rio Linda are concerned that this week's rain could send Dry Creek into flood stage yet again.

“There’s always that threat, when it comes up like this," Bob Royer said.

Royer is the Pastor as First Church of Rio Linda, which was inundated with a foot of water back on January 10 of this year. That was the 9th time the church had flooded in nearly three decades.

Royer's family is still in the process of using humidifiers to dry out the church from the last flood.

Although they've already torn out their damaged flooring and tossed away ruined furniture, they are waiting to make repairs until after this storm passes through.

“We’ll have to go through the cleaning process all again," Royer said.

Late Tuesday evening, Dry Creek was just a foot below flood stage near Elkhorn Boulevard.

This week's rain already flooded out a portion of Rio Linda Boulevard, and more rain is expected throughout the week.

Neighbors tell FOX40 there is little they can do to prepare for another flood. Joaquin Guzman said sandbags will not do much to stop the water from Dry Creek, because when it floods, it pours into his neighborhood near Ascott and 2nd Street from all directions.

"So when it floods, you have to come out here and put in the work yourself. And if we can lend a hand, that’s what we’ll do," Guzman said.
Guzman was clearing large mounds of mud from the culverts in front of his neighbors homes Tuesday, which had been displaced from January's flood.
Long-time neighbors who've faced past floods know that no amount of preparation will stop another.
Clearing a path for the water is in some cases, the best they can do.
"You don’t get paid, but at least you’re happy and the neighbors are happy. Otherwise, you're flooded in," Guzman said.