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Recent Death Highlights Dangers Tree Trimmers Face

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SACRAMENTO -- High winds and several inches of rain from recent storms have toppled trees across our region.

That means contractors like Jose Beltran are very busy. He works for Wright Tree Service, a company contracted out by the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District to remove trees and branches from power lines.

Working high above the ground, with high voltage power lines, Beltran knows his job is a dangerous one.

"First, we got to pray to God that nothing is going to happen to us. But first, before you go on trees like that, you got to check the area, check the ground," Beltran told FOX40.

Job safety is crucial, Beltran says.

"If you see that the tree might go down, you don't want to take that chance to be up in that tree, and you end up dying," he said.

He says if high voltage lines are touching tree branches and he touches them, the results can be fatal.

"If there is a little branch and you grab the branch, it'll shake you. But if it's a good branch, you don't want to take that chance," he told FOX40. "You'll be dead."

Monday, a man with another tree trimming service was killed on the job in South Sacramento. He was doing preventative work before the rain moved in, when something went wrong.

The cause of the man's death is still under investigation.

For Beltran, despite the extreme risk that comes with his line of work, he still loves what he does.

"You have to be aware and you got to like that job," he said.