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Part of Highway 49 Closed after Partial Collapse near Nevada City

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NEVADA CITY -- Caltrans crews have yet another road closure on Highway 49 to deal with. It's been plagued by numerous mudslides in Nevada County this winter. But now they are dealing with part of the highway collapsing caused probably by water damage.

The highway, about 8 miles Norht of Nevada City, is closed except for residents who live along the highway.

Crews had put plastic in an area where the southbound lane was washed away.

Crews were deepening a drainage ditch on the uphill side of the highway to make sure no more water undermines the road.

Highway 49, for about a 50 miles stretch in the area, has had numerous problems.

It is now closed from Tyler Foote Road to Newhome Road.

Serious road repairs won't be possible until there is a break in the weather. There is no estimate as to when it will reopen.