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Wilton Residents Brace for Possible Flooding

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WILTON -- Eyes are on the river level Thursday night as the Cosumnes near Wilton Road Bridge is expected to reach flood stage by Friday afternoon.

That's déjà vu for Wilton residents who have been living in soggy to flooded conditions for weeks and have adapted to a new normal.

According to Caltrans, lane two going northbound on Highway 99 at the Dillard Road onramp and offramp could be closed until Sunday.

Even the roads not completely flooded are problematic.

Thursday a school bus went off the road at Gay Road and Sherman Lane. Neither the driver nor the 35 kids aboard were hurt. The children were picked up by another bus while crews pulled the first bus out of the water.

Messy roads caused problems in Herald as well. A mudslide along Twin Cities Road near Clay Station Road held up traffic for an hour and a half.