‘Taxed’ Levees Force Officials to Urge Point Pleasant Residents to Evacuate

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GROVE -- Point Pleasant can't catch a break, and neither can people who live there.

Flood waters once again overwhelm the Sacramento County community.

"It's the second time; yeah it is pretty frustrating," said resident Jose Vargas, who evacuated his home on Point Pleasant Road.

As flood waters gush into the area the county's Office of Emergency Services urges people to get out.

"Cosumnes River, Mokelumne and various tributaries are all coming to converge in the Point Pleasant area," said Sacramento County spokesperson Matt Robinson.

Point Pleasant was already hit hard in January and could see worse flooding now.

"The levee system has been taxed by the first storm, so this time around they're getting beat up a second time and some are giving way," Robinson said.

The county hopes more people take their warnings seriously this time around.

"Here in the Point Pleasant area last month we had 14 different rescues from homes," Robinson said.

When the water will recede is a guessing game for the county. While Vargas waits for that to happen, he made a local church parking lot his temporary home.

The county expects flooding to get worse Saturday night. Officials are watching the Glanville Tract area closely because that's another big problem area in Point Pleasant.

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