Middle School Student Hit, Killed by Car

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NORTH HIGHLANDS -- The California Highway Patrol said a 13-year-old was killed Tuesday morning while riding his bike to school. The accident happened on Hillsdale Boulevard and Palm Avenue around 8 a.m.

The CHP said the driver was pulling out of a strip mall parking lot when he hit the boy and ran over him.

"He hit him, but he wasn't going that fast," one witness, who wished to remain anonymous said.

The witness said what he saw in the 7-Eleven parking lot on Hillsdale Tuesday morning will haunt him for the rest of his life.

"Yeah I got upset too," he said.

He says hewatched helplessly as the 13-year-old boy was hit by a white SUV and moments later, run over.

The CHP said the boy was not wearing a helmet.

"Yup, the mother came out, from that corner she could see that he was dead," the witness said.

Officers said the driver was not under the influence and cooperated. Neighbors said the boy lives only a block away from the scene of the crash.

"I don't know the kid's name, but I see him all the time, he used to ride his bike all the time in the parking lot," said Ruben Rosales, who lives nearby.

At the time of the accident, witnesses say two of the victim's friends were riding bikes behind him.

"They watched the whole thing," the witness said.

The superintendent of the Twin Rivers School District confirms the victim was a student at Foothill Ranch Middle School.

On campus Tuesday, chaplains, school psychologists and counselors are helping students process their grief.

A vigil already growing at the scene of the accident.

While the CHP opened the road back up within a few hours of the accident, officers say their investigation will take several months.

At its conclusion it will ultimately be up to the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office whether the driver will face a vehicular manslaughter charge.

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