Three Dating Profile Essentials for Soulmate Connections

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Relationship expert Joey Garcia is chatting with Simone about the best ways to handle your online dating profile. Check out some below:

  • Spectacular photo of You - Good Lighting & No Filters. Ditch the photos of you and your kids, or you and your ex with his/her face blurred out. No bathroom selfies. No photos of you in sunglasses and a hat looking like you're in a witness protection program. Ask a friend to take a nice photo of you looking your best.
  • Be as specific as possible about the characteristics and values of the person you want, not the person you don't want. Analytics are designed to match you to people with whom you share interests but research shows that shared hobbies are not the best path to finding a soulmate. Shared values, good communication, attraction and conflict resolution skills are what bring a couple together and keep them together.
  • Write your profile in a Word doc, spell check it, cut, paste, then post. Show that you care and are a professional at life.
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