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Suspect Convicted Three Years After Russian Fraud Scheme Compromised San Juan Unified Records

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SACRAMENTO -- While the "who-knew-what-when" of the Russian hacking scandal is still getting sorted out in Washington, federal jurors have pinpointed one guilty party in a Russian fraud scheme that compromised the personal information of some Sacramento high schoolers.

Three years ago, FOX40 first reported that as many as 200 academic records were stolen from the San Juan Unified School district and discovered in an FBI raid of homes in Sacramento and Studio City.

Information like student social security numbers was used to make $1 million worth of fraudulent charges on stolen American Express accounts with the help of phony online businesses.

Now 37-year-old Mihran Melkonyan has been convicted on 26 counts of wire and mail fraud.

The district says the compromised paper records were transcripts stored in an office at the Choices Charter School.

"We've been able to change our practices. We no longer use social security numbers on student documents so we've been able to make sure that we've done everything we can to ensure the security of our students' information," said district spokesman Trent Allen.

Three other men have been arrested in connection with the scheme that funneled money back to Moscow.

One of them -- Ruslan Kirilyuk -- was supposed to be tried with Melkonyan, but disappeared while free on bail.

Another is awaiting a mental evaluation before his trial and the fourth took a plea in exchange for his testimony.