Maxwell Residents Suffer Flood Damage as More Rain Hits the Region

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MAXWELL -- The town of Maxwell is overwhelmed with muddy water flooding streets, schools, businesses and homes.

"Not even like 10 minutes, it was like a foot and a half," said Jose De los Santos.

De los Santos was sleeping with his family this weekend when water seeped inside.

Now everything is still wet.

"Our beds, everything, my clothes," said De los Santos.

The family home with 16 years of memories is now unlivable, said De los Santos.

"We pretty much lost everything, we're trying to figure out what we're gonna do," said De los Santos.

They aren't alone.

Water from local canals and creeks spilled into the elementary school, businesses and many other homes.

"For me it was scary," said Brenda Chambers.

Chambers was inside with her grandkids when water damaged her garage and sent toys and garbage cans floating through the street.

"Lot of damage, lot of repairs, it's very emotional especially when the grandkids are here," said Chambers.

The town of 1,100 people is trying to dry out after an unexpected flood.

As more rain and wind pounds the area, Chambers knows another evacuation is possible.

"I'm just hoping it doesn't rain as much as they say it will. Because if it does, we're gone, we've gotta get out," said Chambers.

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