Couple Rescued from Swollen Arcade Creek

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ARDEN-ARCADE — Two hours after Arcade Creek hit flood stage along Winding Way in Sacramento, Metro Fire crews hit the flood waters trying to fish out a couple who got into trouble walking home with their dog late Monday evening.

Donna Engle seemed amazed to be doing alright as she stepped out of a rescue boat and on to dry land.

“We’re fine. We were passing by and we stopped for a few minutes because we were trying to get out of the rain,” she said. “It came up so fast we just got stuck.”

Her pit bull Max kept up a steady bark after making it to shore – his nerves not the ones rattled by what happened in the water.

Engle’s boyfriend survived their watery walk home with a minor injury.

Casey Taylor was one of two soggy good Samaritans who ended up needing help themselves.

“They were out there and I went to go help them out and and the water rose too fast,” he said.

With the water deepening by the minute, rescue crews had no time to second guess Mother Nature.

“We didn’t have any strong flows out here, but we had a large body of water and we didn’t want to underestimate what was under the water and how deep it was, so we called our water rescue team out here and did this the right way,” Metro Battalion Chief Tony Peck said.

And with all that preparation the outcome was what everyone was hoping for – life preserved.