Indian Creek Swells, Covering Driveways

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EL DORADO COUNTY -- It doesn't have to be a major river to cause major problems. Just ask people who live along Green Valley Road north of Shingle Springs. There, Indian Creek jumped its banks, swallowed up driveways and kept some stuck in their homes Tuesday morning.

"If we don't get this trailer up now, we're not getting it out of here," said Dennis Given, who was taking advantage of a break in the rain to prepare his son's horse for evacuations.

The waters did recede from their peak this morning, and that gave folks like Given a chance to get ready for the next round of rain.

"If that culvert gets plugged up then we're really in trouble," Given laughed, pointing to one of many culverts that conduct Indian Creek underneath driveways and yards along Green Valley Road.

Rushing water can chew through pavement in a hurry. Some of those driveways were still underwater Tuesday afternoon. But others that have emerged from the flood are showing signs of wear.

That's why Jon Vannord brought in a truck load of rock.

"It's a temporary fix at best," said Vannord, a Green Valley resident. "I'm just trying to prevent it from getting worse. When the rain quits and then summer's here, we'll address it accordingly."

But just when you think Mother Nature must be out of tricks, hail started coming down in the neighborhood.

"We know the water is coming. We do everything we can to keep the water flowing downstream, keep it debris free and it caught up with us here," Vannord said.