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Crowd Boos, Cheers at McClintock Town Hall Meeting

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SONORA -- Tensions were high in an often rowdy crowd at Congressman Tom McClintock's town hall meeting in Sonora Wednesday night. This comes a day after a similar meeting in Mariposa led to mass vandalism as car tires were slashed in the parking lot.

McClintock listened and then responded, often getting both cheers and boos at the same time.

"It's going great, we've got another group coming in, and we'll do another hour with them," McClintock told FOX40.

Congressman McClintock has now had several turbulent town hall meetings like this one, held in the auditorium at Sonora high school.

He's one of a dozen Republican representatives across the country facing criticism for supporting President Donald Trump's efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, among other issues.

A few weeks ago the congressman blamed the cancellation by police of a similar event in Roseville on outside instigators and anarchists, who he believed didn't live in his district.

However he says that likely wasn't the case tonight.

"I believe most are from the district," he said.

Still some of his supporters question the crowds.

"I've been coming to these events for years, so why now? After some of us have seen ad postings on Craigslist for $1500 for protesters we believe some are being bused in," said McClintock supporter Suzanne Cruz.

That's a theory White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer shared in Washington Wednesday.

"There's a hybrid there: I think some people are clearly upset, but there is a bit of professional protester, manufactured base in there," Spicer said at the White House daily briefing.

But many protesters we spoke with roll their eyes at those claims, saying it undermines their real concerns about President Trump's agenda.

"I believe in freedom of people to assemble peacefully, and that's what I'm doing... I live right here down the street, I walked here tonight," said protester Megan Mills.