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Surveillance Video Shows Moments Leading Up to Crash That Killed CHP Officer

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SACRAMENTO -- Shortly before the pursuit-related crash that took California Highway Patrol officer Lucas Chellew from his family and the force, some along Sacramento's Fruitridge Road say they knew one particular motorcycle and its driver were going to be trouble in their neighborhood.

Just before 10 p.m. Thursday, CHP investigators announced they'd arrested 26-year-old Alberto Quiroz in connection with Chellew's death.

Though the arrest was actually made 10 hours earlier, when FOX40 hit the streets in search of any private surveillance of the chase that ended tragically, the suspect was still unknown to the public.

One business owner who shared his surveillance video exclusively with FOX40 was too afraid to have his face, name or voice used on camera thinking the kind of person who would speed away from an officer dying in the street was still on the loose.

His system recorded images of a blue and black bike first racing eastbound -- he says erratically -- on Fruitridge.

Then it's seen looping back westbound at speeds that he describes as at least 100 miles per hour.

About six seconds later the motorcycle officer believed to be Lucas Chellew gives chase.

Another witness to the chase was also too afraid of retaliation to appear on camera before the arrest information was released.

From the shadows, he shared with FOX40 what he saw about two blocks from where those private surveillance images were recorded.

"He was really, really speeding. I thought it was a guy clowning around at first until I seen the officer behind him," he said.

The angle of cameras in Raymond Young's surveillance system, only picked up officers rushing to the scene near Fruitridge and Stockton boulevard after Chellew was fatally injured as he hit a steel pole.

"It makes me really mad. It makes me very sad and mad what happened to that police officer that have two kids left behind," said Young.

CHP investigators have released very little about the scenario that killed Chellew, why he was in pursuit.

Those who happened to be outside looking to the street Wednesday and who had electronic eyes capturing what they believe was the last mile of a pursuit, the last moments of an officer's life...they have no doubt about who's responsible.