New Surveillance Footage Shows Chase that Led to CHP Officer’s Death

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SACRAMENTO -- More pieces of the puzzling pursuit that killed CHP Officer Lucas Chellew surfaced Friday as the young man accused of causing the fatal chase gears up for a Monday court hearing.

Investigators with the California Highway Patrol fanned out, up and down Sacramento's Fruitridge Road looking for private surveillance video from Wednesday evening.

Some of newest and clearest images of the last moments of Chellew's life are from the surveillance system at Boost Mobile.

Cameras there caught what's believed to be suspect Alberto Quiroz and his motorcycle speeding eastbound on Fruitridge around 5:42 p.m.

We now know that was captured just moments before the video recordings FOX40 brought you exclusively Thursday from a business that wants to remain anonymous.

Owners there say they watched the erratic movements of the blue and black bike with their own eyes as well as their electronic ones and felt the rider was being reckless enough to cause an accident.

Minutes later their video shows the man the CHP believes to be Quiroz on a stolen motorcycle, race back up Fruitridge westbound at speeds described as at least 100 mph.

Chellew follows in pursuit with lights and sirens.

Boost Mobile's cameras pick up the chase a short distance away and then that chase zooms out of frame, a few blocks and just seconds before Officer Chellew crashed into a steel pole.

FOX40's own security system caught some of what led up to Chellew's death as well.

Those recordings, which only capture one frame per second, show that the rogue rider, believed to be Quiroz, started his eastbound trip on Fruitridge before Lawrence Drive.

The suspect was moving so fast the camera missed his part of the westbound pursuit, but did catch two different angles of Officer Chellew giving chase.

CHP investigators have yet to confirm exactly what caused Chellew to go after Quiroz.

In addition to evading a police officer, vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle and resisting arrest, Quiroz is also facing a warrant out of Placer County.

Last year he served jail time for violating his probation on a count of identity theft.

Now for failing to stop for Officer Chellew, causing a chase that eventually killed a husband, father and eight year veteran of the force, he could soon face an added charge of murder.

If you happen to have a dash cam in your car and were driving on Fruitridge Road between 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesday, CHP investigators would like to hear from you.