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DWR to Shut Off Flows From Oroville Spillway

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OROVILLE — In order to remove debris from the bottom of the flood control spillway, the Department of Water Resources will gradually cut off flows from the Oroville Reservoir.

Starting Monday at 6:45 a.m., outflows will be reduced from their current state at 50,000 cubic feet per second. Flows should reach zero by the afternoon and remain that way for several days.

Officials are hoping that water levels will lower within the channel leading from the Edward Hyatt Powerplant, located underground and inside of the Oroville Dam. The powerplant will be utilized once the debris is safely removed, allowing for it to release water at around 14,000 cfs from the reservoir. This will be especially beneficial as the temperatures rise and cause snowmelt.

As the flow of water slows at a gradual pace on the flood control spillway, the DWR hopes that levees along the Feather River will not be affected.

Lake Oroville sits at 842 feet, with inflows into the reservoir at 25,000 cfs.

The Feather River Fish Hatchery water levels should be maintained using water from the Thermalito Diversion Pool, Forebay and Afterbay.

FOX40 will be streaming a DWR press conference live Monday at 10 a.m. on Facebook with more updates on the Oroville Dam.