Nationwide Anti-Semitic Threats, Vandalism Have Sacramento Police, Jewish Leaders on High Alert

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SACRAMENTO -- The Jewish community is on edge following dozens of bomb threats at Jewish community centers nationwide and vandalism at Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis and Philadelphia.

"Thank God these threats have not come to Sacramento, I think we would be naive to think they won't come here at some point," said Willie Recht, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Sacramento.

Recht says while the Jewish community prays Sacramento doesn't receive threats, they are prepared.

"God forbid something happens, we feel confident there is a plan in place based on our experience and relationship with the law enforcement community," Recht said.

Jewish leaders are in communication with Sacramento police. The department has a unit monitoring the situation.

"We've been in constant communication on any potential threats, this unit is working with our RTAC, regional threat assessment center to just verify that there's no specific credible threats within our region and there hasn't been." said Sgt. Bryce Heinlein with Sacramento police.

For some in Sacramento, the current anxiety in the Jewish community is a reminder of the 1999 firebombings at congregation B'nai Israel in Land Park.

"The situation that happened with those fire bombings is still raw in many people's minds and bodies," said Recht.

Recht says the Jewish Community is uniting with local Muslim leaders who have also been targeted with hate crimes recently.

They're supporting each other and refusing to let fear win.