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California Consumers Sickened After E. coli Outbreak Found in SoyNut Butter

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SACRAMENTO — As of Wednesday, the California Department of Public Health has identified several┬ápeople who have contracted a life-threatening condition after eating I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter contaminated by an E. coli outbreak.

The CDPH and State Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith released a statement Friday notifying the public that products with the peanut butter substitute could possibly be contaminated with E. coli. They warn that children are especially susceptible to falling ill after eating the products.

Twelve people, including four from California, have fallen ill and several patients have contracted hemolytic uremic syndrome. The life-threatening condition can lead to acute kidney failure.

Any I.M. Healthy products containing the SoyNut butter, including the I.M. Healthy granola, should be disposed of. A list of lot numbers or exact products has not been reported by the CDPH or I.M. Healthy as of yet.