Accounting Inconsistencies Forced Former Stockton Kids Club CEO to Resign

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STOCKTON -- A co-worker of former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva says she left the Stockton Kids Club, which is now under a financial investigation, because she was advised of inconsistencies with the accounting.

"The books was, you know, there was a lot of stuff that didn't make sense," said Brenda Jones. "And the person that was helping me said, 'You need to get out. Right now.'"

Jones told FOX40 she replaced Silva as CEO of the Stockton Kids Club a few years ago when he became mayor, but resigned after only six months.

"Checks was bouncin' all over Stockton. Bouncin'. People's checks was bouncin'," Jones said. "Twenty-thousand dollars was taken out of the account, and nobody could come up with an explanation. Where did it go? Who took it?"

Jones says that she did not believe Silva was involved with that, that it must have been another member of the Stockton Kids Club, but did not name anyone specifically.

FOX40 reached out to Sharon Simas, who was most recently listed as a president of the Stockton Kids Club, but have not heard back from her.

"Don't get me wrong, Anthony Silva, I love...I care about him, but it was too much negative, and I think also the people he had around him were also bringing negative attention," Jones said.

Anthony Silva spoke to FOX40 through text message on Friday evening, saying that he would be back to sort things out on Monday. He said it was not a good day for him, and he didn't feel like talking over the phone.

He did not seem to know specifically where the charges he is facing stem from, which include grand theft, money laundering and embezzlement.

"Anthony Silva is constantly close to showing bad judgement," said Silva's attorney, Mark Reichel. "It's a lot of suspicion."

Reichel said the charges suggest a sophisticated scheme and that they does not seem likely.

"I am curious to see what their allegations are," Reichel said.

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