Burglars Steal $20,000 in Property from Olivehurst Christian Center

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OLIVEHURST -- The Calvary Christian Center helped seniors evacuate their homes during the flood threat, but now it's enduring rough times.

Two days ago burglars broke in through a back fence and took around $20,000 worth of property including tools from it's drug rehab training program as well as basketballs and heaters from the gym used by a community basketball league.

The recreation room sound system with turntables, microphones, speakers and other gear were also stolen. Worst of all, cooper wire and electrical breakers were stolen cutting off electricity to the upper floors of the old supermarket that is a part of the church.

"Everything that we use to support our community, it was like it was robbed and taken from us," said church pastor Richard Braxton.

Braxton says the community has rallied around their misfortune. One church donated lawn mowers to replace ones that were taken and people are donating to a GoFundMe account.

Braxton says the church will still continue it's community work. It says it wants to help, not prosecute the criminals.

"I personally want to put money in their hand," Braxton said. "I'd rather bless somebody to do it right than to steal from us and do it wrong."

The church is hoping to recover some of the stolen property because most of the items serial numbers were recorded. He said he has gotten nothing but love from the community and well-wishers.

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