Longtime Broadcaster Gary Gerould Calls 2,500th Kings Game

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SACRAMENTO -- It's absolutely fitting that the Sacramento Kings' controversial hard court contest Sunday would come on a milestone afternoon for the man who's been there for every high and low for the last 32 years.

You usually don't see Gary Gerould - you hear him as the voice of Sacramento Kings.

In fact, you've likely heard him a lot. He called his 2,500th game Sunday.

The memorable moments are too numerous to count, but as he looked back one night in 2010 stood out

"You think back seven years ago (against) Chicago. Kings are down 35 in the third quarter and they come back and win that ball game," Gerould said. "Those things just don't happen in the NBA. You're down 35 and and you win. Are you kidding me?"

And from the Kings' first year in Sacramento, he recalled a striking image.

"The absolutely fanatical support from Kings fans. The fact that many gentlemen wore tuxedos on opening night and many women wore formal evening gowns," he told FOX40.

Now for him, seeing the Kings on their new throne, is even more special.

"The drama that we went through four years ago this month. We didn't know whether or not this franchise was going to be in Sacramento or if it was going to be relocated to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle," Gerould said. "That not only was it determined this team would stay and now we've built this magnificent new home, the Golden One Center. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it."

Gerould began his broadcasting career at the tender age of 15, working for a local telegraph company in Michigan.

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