Man in Serious Condition After Sacramento Police Tase Him During Confrontation

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SACRAMENTO -- A bizarre chase through a midtown surgery center on Alhambra Boulevard and L Street ended Monday with a man in serious condition and Sacramento Police enacting their use-of-force protocol.

Police and witnesses describe that man as "unhinged," running into this Sutter Surgery Center on Alhambra.

"The man was seen by our officers trying to gain entry into a number of different rooms," said Officer Matt McPhail, spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department.

That, after police say he ran from them when they responded to passers-by who called 911 worried about the man's behavior.

"He was really bizarre acting. His body movements and everything," said Tammy Johnson, a witness.

Monday evening, the man's shirt could be seen hanging in a tree surrounded by crime scene tape, thrown there at some point during the confrontation.

Police say when the man reached to the waistband of his pants and refused to listen to their requests, one officer used a taser, but it had not effect.

The officers next tried to apprehend him by hand.

"To the point of exhaustion on the part of several of these officers. It wasn't until additional officers arrived on the scene that the man was able to be handcuffed," McPhail said.

Shortly after, the man lost consciousness and firefighter paramedics performed CPR in an attempt to keep him alive.

Because of how seriously he was injured, the Sacramento police have enacted use-of-force protocols, and the city's office of Public Safety and Accountability was called to the scene.

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