Sister of Woman Killed by Falling Tree Wonders Why No Evacuations Were Ordered

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CERES -- The family of 20-year-old Destiny Borges was still in shock at a gathering at the home of an uncle a day after Destiny was killed by a large tree that fell onto a tent cabin in Yosemite Park where she was staying.

Several family members were working for RGIS, a company that was doing quarterly inventories at several Yosemite shops.

Among them was Destiny's 18-year-old sister, Bethany, who became hysterical after learning that her sister was the victim.

“I just literally saw my sister die, literally, I just literally, just seen her die," said an emotional Bethnay Borges.

They had packed so they could go back to Ceres directly after the last inventory when Destiny went back to the tent Sunday morning during a snow and wind storm.

”You just heard a big old crash and you heard people screaming," said Bethany Borges.

Bethany Borges said they could not recognize the person that was killed and they believed it was another co-worker until that co-worker was found safe. That was when Bethany Borges realized her sister was the one crushed to death.

Family members say Destiny was outgoing, loved theater and music and was a talented artist. And despite her age, she took care of loved ones.

“She was so caring, she have the biggest heart…she took care of me, she took care of my girlfriends, she took care of anyone she loved," said Bethany Borges.

Losing someone so loving brings on unanswered questions

It was the first time the regular inventory crew stayed in tent cabins at Half Dome Village, which was known as Curry Village until it was renamed last year.

Bethany Borges said the crew usually stayed in standard cabins. And she said in hindsight, rangers knew a big storm and trees were falling elsewhere in the national park.

“Maybe just because I lost my sister, you know ... but I feel that way, like, I shouldn’t have been over there ... they already knew trees were falling ... they should have had us evacuate sooner," said Bethany Borges.

Other family members are not prejudging anything, but they do want to know exactly what happened and why.

Meanwhile, because Destiny's mother is a single mom, a GoFundMe account has been set up to help defray funeral expenses.

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