Truck Drivers Stuck in Sierra During I-80 Closures

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After being shut down for almost 24 hours, Interstate 80 finally reopened about 3:30 Monday afternoon. But the financial impact to truckers and the companies they work for could be huge.

"I think I'll have to reschedule for tomorrow, there's no way I can make it today," said trucker Edgar Alas, who was heading to Reno from Sacramento, making a delivery to Costco. "[I get paid overtime, so] it is, yeah, not bad."

But it's bad for Alas' company, one that must put him up in a hotel and explain to a client why the shipment is late.

"I've been here since 3:30 last night, running low on fuel, so hopefully we get to go soon," said Mike Kishchenko, who owns his own trucking company.

His shipment of cheese needs to be refrigerated.

"Yeah that's why I put it on start-stop, the battery died," Kishchenko told FOX40 while he fixed the battery.

Luckily, it's cold outside.

"Well if we ruin the product, then we own the product," he said.

With the clock ticking, that cheese was supposed to be delivered to a Walmart in Corinne, Utah, north of Salt Lake City, at 7 a.m. Monday. Now he's not sure when he'll be able to deliver it.

"Because Walmarts, they require 24-48 hour advance appointments, and because we don't know when the freeway is going to reopen, we don't know when we're going to deliver," Kishchenko said.

While these truckers all play the waiting game with those issues weighing on their minds, sometimes they're more concerned with a more basic problem.

"Nothing to eat around here! There's a little Valero, but expired candy or something, I don't know," Kishchenko said.

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