12 Arrested Following Stockton City Council Meeting Protests

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STOCKTON -- The Stockton Police Department arrested 12 protestors Tuesday night at the Stockton City Council meeting.

The commotion began after Mayor Michael Tubbs requested overflow seating be moved from the usual spot outside of chamber doors to the first floor of City Hall.

Authorities report that during the protest an uninvolved man, who appeared to be a transient, was attacked in the MLK Plaza across from City Hall.

Three attackers were arrested and two escaped the scene. The assault victim was taken to a nearby hospital.

Shortly after the attack, other protestors blocked traffic in the streets and began marching to the police department.

Several protestors who refused to clear the streets were arrested.

This isn't the first time things got heated at a Stockton City Council meeting. Just last month anti-police violence activists were pushed out of Stockton's regular city council meeting.