Former Stockton Mayor Speaks Out From Jail

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STOCKTON -- In a small San Joaquin County jail visiting room, with a disappointed look on his face, the former mayor of Stockton said he only agreed to this interview to stay warm and added that he thought he would be speaking with another FOX40 reporter.

"The reason I'm doing an interview is because it's warmer for me to get out. Just 15 or 20 minutes could keep me alive tonight," Anthony Silva said on Wednesday.

Silva said he's segregated from the rest of the inmates and is planning to file a lawsuit against the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office on behalf of the inmates for what he sees as inhumane conditions at the jail. He also said he's being treated fairly.

"I'm not being abused, I'm not being mistreated," he said.

As for the financial crimes he's accused of, he avoided answering questions about that.

"Innocent or is he guilty? You know, I can't comment, but you know I can't comment on those things. I want to but I can't," he told FOX40.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney's office claims Silva stole and embezzled thousands of dollars from 2010 to 2014 from the Stockton Boys and Girls Club turned Stockton Kids Club. Those funds, investigators said, were used for services like, a trip to the Philippines and other personal expenses.

"Can't talk about the charges, so I'm just going to say there's more than meets the eye with those charges," Silva said.

He added, he doesn't agree with the $1 million bail that's keeping him behind bars.

"The only reason why I'm not out (of) here ... working on my defense and getting back to my life is because they set the bail so high. One million dollars is ridiculous," he said.

As for why he was in Central America when news of his arrest warrant came to light.

"I got a root canal. It's only 100 bucks. It's a good deal," he said.

He insists, he's not a flight risk and is ready for the legal battle ahead of him.

"But I will say 'stay tuned', just like I've said before," Silva said.

FOX40 also asked the former mayor about the statement he made to FOX40 on Tuesday. When we asked for an interview he replied: "[The TV] network that pays to bail him out will get the exclusive interview."

He said on Wednesday, "That was a good one," then laughed.

We did not pay him for his interview.

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