Nevada City Restaurant Finally Re-Opens After Major Flooding

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NEVADA CITY -- Two months after major flooding forced a Nevada City restaurant to close its doors, the damage is repaired and Lefty's Grill is finally back open.

"Just couldn't come soon enough... The energy for the last two days has been 11 out of 10," said co-owner John Cammack.

Lefty's sits just above Deer Creek. Weeks of heavy rain forced overflowing water into the restaurant three times. The building and equipment were damaged in the process.

Co-owner Chris Duncan said of all the floods, the third flood was the worst. Duncan said they painted after the second flood not anticipating flood number three, but when the third one hit Duncan said it was tough to overcome. Weeks later the restaurant is finally back open.

"Now we're just getting back in the stride with what we're comfortable with, cooking some nice food, serving nice drinks at the bar, we're trying to move forward and no more floods," said Duncan.

It's an exciting day for customers too.

"We always enjoy coming out here especially on great days, so it's really nice they're opening again," said Kevin Porter.

Normal business hours will resume Thursday. Lefty's will open at 11:30 a.m.

The co-owners decided after the flood being open five days a week instead of six is a better fit. They're open Wednesday through Sunday.