Roseville Police Investigate Recent Construction Site Thefts

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ROSEVILLE -- Police in Roseville said there's been an increase in the number of thefts from new home construction sites. Acres of vacant land with houses only half built are a potential gold mine for criminals.

"Being new construction, it's hard to keep eyes on everybody," said Jay Pobric, who moved into a Roseville subdivision off Fiddyment Road just three months ago.

His street is one of the few with people living in completed homes. Just over his back fence, however, more houses are still being built and already they're getting visitors.

"Random people walking in and checking to see if the doors are locked, which is kind of nerve ranking, especially for the wife and kids at home," Pobric said.

The Roseville Police Department said thefts from these construction sites are a growing problem.

"This same time last year we had three in the month of February, this year we've had six," said Sgt. Jason Bosworth, a spokesperson for Rosevile PD.

A skid loader and an AC unit were some of the biggest items taken recently.

Bosworth said there's constant reports of vandalism.

"It could have been kids, some of it was appliances. Sometimes they're looking to resell those," he said.

Police have been patrolling the subdivisions, but Bosworth admits officers can't be everywhere.

"You know we always encourage companies at construction sites to utilize security companies that are going to drive around and not just going to sit some place and sleep," Bosworth said.