Sacramento Schools Create Safe Haven Environment

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SACRAMENTO -- Undocumented students are safe in Sacramento schools. That's the message the Sacramento City Unified School District tried to send Tuesday morning as they kicked off their "Safe Haven" campaign at Luther Burbank High School.

The school district will open campuses to legal professionals who can give students and their families guidance, give out pamphlets informing students of their rights during potential run-ins with immigration authorities, and hang up colorful banners and lawn signs that say “Safe Haven: All students welcome."

That campaign comes in response to devastation teachers and students say they noticed the day after the presidential election.

“A girl told me 'Well Mr. McEhleney I just want to tell you it's been great knowing you.' and that's heartbreaking," said teacher Tom McElheney.

The trump administration has indicated deporting students brought to the US as children isn't a priority for immigration enforcement, however many students remain afraid.

“We did a circle in our classes and most of them were saying they were scared, they were terrified, they were confused, and I was one who was confused,” said 9th-grader Felix Lopez.

The basic idea behind the school district's campaign, is that students can't come to school ready to learn if they're scared they or their family members could be deported.

“After hearing about Safe Haven it kind of made me happy a little, like I don’t have to be scared of the government or anything,“ said Lopez.

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