Ceres Community Mourns Loss of Young Mom Allegedly Killed by Ex-Boyfriend

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CERES -- Yeraldin Dominguez was a young mother of three girls, a good neighbor and a friend to Emma Barajas.

"She was very friendly. Really nice. They (Dominguez and the daughters) were really nice girls," Barajas said.

But along the way the 26-year-old shared some troubling details of her relationship with her daughters' father, according to Barajas. She said Dominguez moved to the Ceres apartment complex five months ago.

"He threatened to kill her," she told FOX40.

On Feb. 26, Ceres police investigators said Dominguez's ex-boyfriend David Jimenez Perez argued with her at her home on Central Avenue in Ceres. In the same room with the couple were their daughters, ages 11, 8 and 4 years old.

"He suspected and accused her of cheating on him and as the argument escalated in a blind rage he had stabbed her multiple times," Ceres Police Sergeant Jose Berber said.

A witness we spoke to off-camera said Dominguez pleaded with Perez, saying "Don't do this, think of the girls" in Spanish.

She died and detectives said Perez suffered serious injuries from self-inflicted stab wounds.

"To me he wasn't a nice kind person. To me he was like something that had issues," Barajas said. Investigators are looking into a potential pattern of domestic violence in the couple's relationship. Both Dominguez and Perez are Mexican nationals.

May Rico, the Executive Director of the Haven Women's Center of Stanislaus says despite a victim's immigration status they can seek help from police and their organization.

"We're hearing stories of a lot increased fear in immigrant populations," Rico said. "We really have a conversation with them around what is your fear? and how can we build that into a safety plan that will make sense?"

As for Barajas, she wishes there was more she could have done to help.

"To me it's kind of like frustrating for them you know because I've been trying to help them," Barajas told FOX40.

Perez has since been released from the hospital and is in custody at the Stanislaus County jail facing murder charges. The Ceres Police Department said if a jury were to find him guilty prosecutors can choose to deport him.